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Tree after tree, for the rebirth of the Mountain.

The planting day was a success that saw Mondeox protagonist in Enego in the Vicenza Alps, one of the areas most affected by the Vaia storm.

“We really understood what it means to have respect and attention to the environment that surrounds us. It is fundamental to know what the resources of our planet are, in order to try to safeguard and preserve nature so that it continues to be a precious asset for our existence.” This is how Giada Chiarparini, Mondeox Export Manager, comments on the reforestation experience she participated in, this summer in Enego. .

This year, Manuel Florian, CEO of Mondeox, presented the Walk With Us project, a new corporate path of Mondeox aimed at building the foundations of the company’s future. Among these fundamentals, also environmental sustainability.
Following this green approach, Mondeox started a collaboration with WOWnature, an initiative by Etifor, a spin-off of Padua University that offers advice to institutions and companies to help them enhance their services and products dedicated to Nature.

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The first step of the initiative is the active support for a reforestation project: adopting trees and planting them in the areas of the Altopiano di Asiago, in the municipality of Enego in the province of Vicenza, one of the areas most affected by the Vaia storm, which in October 2018 caused the crash of millions of trees.

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This area is FSC® certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures that a forest or forest plantation management follows strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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Not only a charity initiative but above all a shared path within the company: in fact, three top figures of Mondeox directly participated in the planting day, together with the Export Manager Giada Chiarparini there were also Andrea Orsella and Daisy Milani, Mondeox Sales Managers. The first goal is to internally share the Re-Thinking Management process started with Walk With Us.

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“Our active contribution to the planting of trees,” says Andrea Orsella at the end of the day, “by immersing ourselves completely in nature savouring that sense of freedom and peace, made us understand how indispensable it is to support these projects, even with small actions.”

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Mondeox is a company that shares values and passions with mountain lovers; it is a company made up of people who experience the mountains just like the millions of users who have chosen their products over the years. This harmony of vision, therefore, finds a perfect match with the initiative created together with WOWnature.

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Daisy Milani says: “It was terrible to witness the bleak spectacle left by the passage of Vaia storm, even after three years. But participating in this reforestation action, together with other people, and seeing how nature can slowly return to its beauty and richness renewed me. Every day we can make a difference in all fields of our life.”

Manuel Florian, CEO of Mondeox, explains Walk With Us: “With this project, we want to look beyond the daily goals and challenges of our Company. We want to look to the future by building a different corporate awareness. Our era asks to structure paths of change and evolution, and it demands a global vision in step with the times.”.