Mondeox: The shoe Factory.

For over 30 years we have been producing with effort and passion high performance footwear for the best Outdoor Brands. We have chosen to produce only in Europe in various owned production facilities (about 25,000m2), and with our selected partners. An efficient network for design, production and logistics.


And production sites
Asolo, Italia
Administrative and commercial offices, logistic and R&D departments.
Production site
Aiud, Romania
SHOES PRODUCTION: Cutting, Closing, Finishing and Assembly.
Production Site
Rokosovo and Khust, Ukraine
UPPERS PRODUCTION: Cutting, Closing and Finishing.


From the headquarter departments in Italy, to the industrial sites in Eastern Europe, We together with expe- rienced and professional employees control and take part in all stages of the production process, therefore ensuring high quality product and service for every single project.

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